Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A new consiousness and philosophy of mind bibliography

David Chalmers and David Bourget are offering a more extensive online service, outlined in this message from ASSC (Assoc. for Sci.Stud. Cons.):
We are pleased to announce the launch of MindPapers, a new website
with a bibliography covering around 18000 published papers and online
papers in the philosophy of mind and the science of consciousness.
This site grew out of a combination of David Chalmers' bibliography in
philosophy of mind and his page of online papers on consciousness, but
it is much larger and has many new capacities, programmed by David
Bourget. The site address is:

There is also a separate front end for "Online Papers on
Consciousness". Where MindPapers now combines both offline published
papers and online papers from free and commercial sites, Online Papers
on Consciousness is devoted to free online papers (currently around
4700). It is based on the same database as MindPapers, but is
organized in a way to emphasize issues concerning consciousness and
cognitive science rather than the philosophy of mind. The address is

The MindPapers database contains 2773 papers on the philosophy of
consciousness (under 59 topics and subtopics) and 3917 papers on the
science of consciousness (under 71 topics and subtopics), as well as
thousands of papers on such related topics as perception,
intentionality, the philosophy of AI, and the philosophy of cognitive

Capacities include (i) links and citation information throughout, (ii)
flexible navigation, display, and search options, (iii) the ability to
submit and edit entries, (iv) the capacity for automated off-campus
proxy access to commercial sites, and (v) a wealth of statistical

We encourage everyone to try these sites to submit any relevant
material that we are missing (for a start, try searching on your own
name). There are tools on the site for submitting entries, as well as
for correcting entries and notifying us of any bugs and suggestions.

--David Chalmers and David Bourget;

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