Monday, March 24, 2008

Most popular consciousness articles for February

From the ASSC downloads archive:
1. Koriat, A. (2006) Metacognition and Consciousness. In: Cambridge handbook
of consciousness. Cambridge University Press, New York, USA.
2. Sagiv, N. and Ward, J. (2006) Crossmodal interactions: lessons from synesthesia. In: Visual Perception, Part 2. Progress in Brain Research,
Volume 155.
3. Seth, A.K. and Baars, B.J. (2005) Neural Darwinism and Consciousness. Consciousness and Cognition, 14. pp. 140-168.
4. Dehaene, S., Changeux, J.-P., Naccache, L., Sackur, J. and Sergent, C. (2006) Conscious, preconscious, and subliminal processing: a testable taxonomy. Trends in Cognitive Science, 10 (5). pp. 204-211.
5. Gennaro, R. J. (2007) Representationalism, peripheral awareness, and the transparency of experience. Philosophical Studies.

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