Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Society for Neuroscience meeting: news from the front lines

You might like to check out the Society for Neuroscience website, which offers very accessible information for general public, press, and educators. The site contains links to these topics from the recent annual meeting:

* Antidepressant Drugs, Exercise, Young Age, Even Food Intake, Frequency, and Type, Affect Generation of New Brain Cells

* Research Sheds Light on Brain Differences in Adolescents, Understanding their Impulsive, Risk-Taking Behavior

* Training, Sensory Substitution, Thought-Reading Computers, Sleep, and Molecular Imaging Advance Stroke Research

* Thoughts, Not Arms and Hands, Can Operate Machines: New Devices May Soon Improve Lives or Physically Handicapped

* New Research Explores Dietary Effects on Amyloid in Search for Ways To Prevent, Treat Alzheimer's Disease

* New Studies Find Potential Biomarker for PTSD, Make Gains in Understanding Disorder and Why it is Difficult To Treat

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