Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So....this is how my cat is manipulating me

If you are a cat person, check out this interesting bit from Gisela Telis (it is open access for the new few weeks). She discusses a new study that reports that our feline friends modify their signature sound when seeking food, adding a higher-frequency element that exploits our sensitivity to infant wails-- thus making it harder to ignore. The article has some sound clips of the effect.


  1. you surely dont think these experiments (obsrevations) are guaranteed....flaky stuff

  2. Given that original articles with data, controls, etc. are not cited...yes, it is flakey stuff, but fun idea if you are a cat person.

  3. i understand your soft spot for them, i did lived with 2 cats till rcently: Mr Jack-o and Ginseng. But certainly i didnt let them run my life especially considering I was the provider: i couldnt eat their gifts..lizzards, birds so on..anyways i idolize your blog.