Monday, April 28, 2008

A longevity-o-meter

Check out the "Vitality Compass" at the Blue Zones Community website. The results of a 2-3 minute quiz are based on a complex, 106-page algorithm developed by Dr. Robert Kane, a physician and a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Here is my result (I'm 66 years old). Blue zone years refer to the number of years one has gained or lost given one's current behaviors.:


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I don't understand why this tool does not take into account how long your parents or grand-parents lived to.

    According to this paper "Determinants of longevity: genetic, environmental and medical factors" by K.CHRISTENSEN & J. W. VAUPEL we have "Approximately one-quarter of the variation in lifespan in developed countries can be attributed to genetic factors."

  2. You make a very good point...

  3. Anonymous6:22 AM

    well, after taking the test i would say it's total rubbish. the horoscope does better.