Tuesday, May 01, 2007

God Is in the Dendrites

George Johnson asks: Can "neurotheology" bridge the gap between religion and science? He gives an excellent summary of relevant experiments that measure or induce brain activity correlated with meditative, religious, or estatic states to conclude:
So it goes, round and round. Either the brain naturally or through a malfunction manufactures religious delusions, or some otherworldly presence speaks to homo sapiens through the language of neurological pulses. Hot in pursuit of this undecidable proposition, neurotheology will keep on churning out data—but when it comes to the biggest questions, it will never have much to say.

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  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I believe with out a doubt that God is in the dendrites, axons, myelin, and the neurotransmitters. I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. Please read My Journey thus Far at my site by entering the title into the search option. You will gain insight into my perspective. Please also share my site with other people that could benefit from motivation and encouragement. Our circumstances are not meant to keep us down, but to build us up. Have a great day.