Friday, December 16, 2016

Political tribes, and the psychology of liberals and conservatives.

I am using this post to pass on to MindBlog readers some background material I just sent out to members of a senior current topics discussion group that we have recently formed in Fort Lauderdale, and named "The Round Table." The session on Monday Dec. 19 is on the topic indicated by the title of this post.

Where do tribes come from? Evolutionary origins   

What is essential human nature? Where do religion and morality come from?  How do  religious and non-religious people differ?  

What dynamics regulate in-group and out-group interactions and conflicts?  brain correlates of whether we help someone suffering

What kinds of political tribes do people belong to today?

What distinguishes liberals and conservatives?

How do people sustain their tribal identities, what psychological shortcuts or errors help?

How can tribal animosities and conflicts be ameliorated?

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