Sunday, October 05, 2014

An update of

I wanted to mention some recent changes to my main website,, which first started during my transition from a career of laboratory research on vision to a second phase of studies of the human mind in the early 1990's. It is the parent from which Deric's MindBlog sprung in 2006. In recent years I have not been very attentive to the site, and just haphazardly added to it the web versions of lectures I have prepared and given in various venues. I've now obtained the latest version of the web editing program Adobe Dreamweaver (the one I originally used now being dysfunctional), and done a bit of a cleanup, simplifying the home page to just list a few of the more recent lectures ( Upstairs/Downstairs in our Brain  What’s running our show?  -  Making our Brains Younger  -   Are you holding your breath? - Structures of arousal and calm   -   and Making Minds - Evolving and Constructing the "I"), as well as noting two earlier lectures that have been popular ("The I Illusion" and "The Beast Within"). A link is provided to a complete list of my mind lectures, writings, and podcasts. I also realized that a social history of my vision research laboratory at the University of Wisconsin done for a laboratory reunion in 2012 (using the Prezi lecture and web presentation tool) was not very user-friendly, and so attempted to make it easier to click through.

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