Friday, October 03, 2014

A few Self-Help Nostrums.

I thought I would pass on a few random self-help pieces from the NY Times that caught my eye and have accumulated in my queue of potential posts. (I call these items "nostrums" because having insight or knowledge is an ‘unproven cure,’ - its application to our real life behaviors frequently doesn't happen.)

Feel starved for physical contact,touching?, hugs?, affection? There's an App for that! It's called Cuddlr, described by Anna Altman, that allows individuals to find others nearby who wish to cuddle in a PG-rated, non-sexual way.

Feel like you've caught the general mood of despondency, passivity, and despondency that has seemed to go with an unravelling of the international and domestic order? David Brooks argues that we should get a grip, snap out of it, noting that the scope of the problems we face are way below historic averages. He suggests possible remedies to the current international domestic and international leadership crises.

Wondering why your favorite pleasures loose their glow as you repeat them?  Anna North writes on how performing the pleasures of life in a habitual way....Duh!.... causes them to habituate, loose their force and intensity.  It's how nerve cells work.... If you really want to enjoy something, don't repeat it in a routine way.

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