Monday, July 16, 2007

Most popular consciousness papers for June 2007

That is, the five most downloaded from the eprint archive maintained by the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.

1. Rosen, Alan and Rosen, David B. (2006) The Design of a
Sensation-generating Mechanism in the Brain: A first step towards a
quantitative definition of consciousness. In: Consciousness and
Cognition (1223 downloads from 9 countries).

2. Sagiv, Noam and Ward, Jamie (2006) Crossmodal interactions: lessons
from synesthesia. In: Visual Perception, Part 2 (1171 downloads from
20 countries).

3. Ruby, Perrine and Legrand, Dorothée (2007) Neuroimaging the self?
In: Sensorimotor foundations of higher cognition. OUP (882 downloads
from 14 countries).

4. Koriat, A. (2006) Metacognition and Consciousness. In: Cambridge
handbook of consciousness. CUP (804 downloads from 15 countries).

5. Windt, Jennifer Michelle and Metzinger, Thomas (2006) The
philosophy of dreaming and self-consciousness: What happens to the
experiential subject during the dream state? In: The new science of
dreaming (780 downloads from 22 countries).

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