Friday, October 31, 2008

A question to readers... MindBlog podcasts?

Blog reader Patrice responded to the previous posting in a comment asking about the possibly of my doing podcasts on some mindblog topics. Another friend has mentioned this, yet I haven't thought much about it because I've never really gotten into listening to podcasts myself. When I am driving I usually listen to music. However, I am an experienced university lecturer, and actually sort of miss the more spontaneous and improvisational energy of talking versus writing. So, I'm curious to know how many of you might actually find occasional podcasts useful. And if so, do you have opinions about optimal length and subjects that are most interesting to you? I would appreciate responses, either to this posting, or by email to


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Hi Deric, I really like your blog, but I don't think I would follow podcasts. That's because it generally takes much longer to listen to something than to read it. My usual way of following blogs is to skim over an entry and then to decide if I want to really take the time to read it carefully. This also applies to videos. Lots of people think they are doing something really interesting when they make a tutorial video of something. However, IMHO podcasts and videos make an even more passive person than one already is on the intertubes. I dislike the lack of control you have as a follower of podcasts and videos. I would use these media only if there is a real reason for it, such as when you want to present sounds or movement.

  2. Hi Deric,
    I'm a big fan of your blog; I think the world needs all the podcasts it can get on the topic of brain/mind. I closely follow Ginger Campbell's podcasts - here's a link to her site:

    You might like to take a look at how she has organized her online work and phone interviews, etc, into podcasts, how she makes them accessible - it might give you some ideas. She might even be able to help you get started - there is quite a community of science podcasters (and podcastees) now - you should definitely consider joining the podcaster educator community.


  3. I'd definitely include you in the subscriptions I thumb through when I want something to listen to. 5-30 mins is a good length depending on the content. 60 minute interviews(if that's your thing) when they're interesting people: my audio player has fast forward and skip buttons when they're not!

    Unlike Diane, one of the reasons I removed The Brain Science Podcast, was when Ginger went to a more mainstream format, and tended to ramble. I really enjoy Chris and the Naked Scientists Podcast as a happy medium format - and Ginger may have improved since I last listened.
    ABC Australia's All in the Mind is also fantastic.

    I like the gist of technical content and gory details; all the topics you blog about. Topics I'd like to hear about include; brain structure, vision learning, cognition, brain disorders. emotions, memory, unique regions of the brain, difference of the sexes, social implications of neuroscience, environmental and pharma neurological influences; the whole gambit.

  4. I like your blog and i would defenitely follow your podcast. Not all people get as much out of reading, my boyfriend, for instance, adores podcasts, he gets most of his information that way and is expanding his knowledge rapidly. If you were to make a podcast, I would defenitely listen to it, and i would also still continue to come to this website for the articles. As for the lenght, i personally don't like 5 minute podcasts, i like to get in the topic, so half an hour (or in case of the skeptic's guide to the universe, sometimes a full hour and a half) is my preferred lenght. Podcasts (i'm talking audio podcasts, i don't really find time for video podcasts) are great for mundane daily tasks, such as cleaning, waiting in lines ... or just for times when you want to learn sth new. I am not a neuroscientist of any kind, just an interested reader, so i would be interested in a podcast about brain that wouldn't be too technical for me to follow, if that helps at all. Greetings! :)

  5. podcasts by you are certainly something i would give a listen. i'm rather picky, usually brain/mind podcasts are too dumbed down for my liking, but it all depends on the topic.

    20-40 minutes seem ideal, personally anyway. as to the topics - all the stuff you blog about is cool. interviews can be good, but lecture-like podcasts can be even better.

  6. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Podcasts, yes!! I would not only listen to them I would link to them.

    As a bonus you could compose (or at least play) your own music for the show. THAT would be particularly cool.

    Do it.

    Jon Newman

  7. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Yes. That would be great. I would really enjoy podcasts about basics.

  8. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I too would enjoy podcasts. I tend to listen to them while I am doing mindless chores at work that prevent me from reading.

  9. Deric, blogposts seem more accessible than podcasts (at least for us lucky non-commuters).

    Your daily blogposts read in what seems like minutes, while my cellphone is loaded with podcasts that I hardly ever make time to listen to.

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