Monday, July 28, 2008

Resveratrol, anti-aging, continued...

After getting a comment about the merits of different resveratrol sources from a blog reader in response post just below , I clicked around and found this link that leads on to an instructional video, discussion of preparations, price comparisons, etc. Numerous vendors for this stuff are appearing, like a cloud of snake-oil salesmen, and one I find particularly suspect is the slick Biotivia outfit, which doesn't even state the resveratrol content of their wondrous products.


  1. I use this product, although the dosage is now higher and the quantity per bottle lower. Good product from a good company.


  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I ran across your blog posting on Resveratrol and since your blog is on the mind I thought I would give you my own experiences on Resv.

    First, you might be interested in this study on Resv and Longevity in mice which found:

    "However, for mice on a high-calorie diet, mean and maximum lifespan increased for mice on resveratrol when compared with the control mice. Researchers found that resveratrol's effects on longevity could be completely uncoupled from changes in body weight, meaning that mice on a high-calorie diet with resveratrol did not necessarily lose weight but did experience a longer (and healthier) life than mice on the same high-calorie diet not taking resveratrol."

    Now, about me. The short story is that I was diagnoses with Bipolar Disorder in 1994. I have been hospitalized with it twice and was on several medications. My Mother, two brothers, and nephew were also diagnosed with the disorder with three of them attempting suicide and one succeeding.

    I started taking Resv in August 2007 after reading only about the life span experiments. However, I found my Bipolar symptoms were eased in a few months and I have been medication free since January 2008 without reoccurrence of symptoms. This is very unusual for me.

    After studying the effects of Resveratrol in scientific studies I feel it has cured me by the following means:

    It reduced my sensitivity to dietary glutamate.
    Resveratrol Increases Glutamate Uptake, Glutathione Content, and S100B Secretion in Cortical Astrocyte Cultures -
    Inhibition of excitatory synaptic transmission by trans-resveratrol in rat hippocampus -
    Dietary-Free Glutamate: Implications for Research on Fear-Overconsolidation and PTSD -
    It protects and regrew my hippocampus.
    Resveratrol attenuates early pyramidal neuron excitability impairment and death in acute rat hippocampal slices caused by oxygen-glucose deprivation. -
    Neuroprotective effects of resveratrol against traumatic brain injury in immature rats -
    It regulated cellular energy homeostasis
    Differences in Lymphocyte Electron Transport Gene Expression Levels Between Subjects With Bipolar Disorder and Normal Controls in Response to Glucose Deprivation Stress -
    Resveratrol Improves Mitochondrial Function and Protects against Metabolic Disease by Activating SIRT1 and PGC-1a -
    Resveratrol stimulates AMP kinase activity in neurons -

    I know this is anecdotal, but my experience is real, so take what you want from what I have expressed in this email. I am just spreading this to share my own personal research to further understanding.

  3. I currently am using this product. Dr. David Sinclair who has been doing all the Resveratrol research recently joined us and helped us in releasing Vivix, which contains a polyphenol blend that is 10x more powerful than Resveratrol alone!

    The science is there for your research, Dr. Sinclair just wanted to be able to release a product in our lifetime! I thank him and I know many others are thanking him.

  4. I would point now to my Aug 18 post, above, for side effects and reservations about using resveratrol or other polyphenols.

  5. Anonymous11:57 PM

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    We recently conducted a number of tests on a variety of resveratrol supplements and found three of them in particular to have a significant positive effect.

    They are Resva-Life, Pure RezV, and Health RezV.

    If you or anyone else is interested in learning more about these products, I would encourage you to visit our site to learn more.

    Thank you for your work with this blog!

  6. I also enjoy resveratrol, but I am well aware of the snake oil types who are coming out of the wood work since resveratrol appeared on Oprah. Just like acai, resv is a great product that will help us look and feel younger as we grow older. Is it a magic pill? No. Does it fight free radicals and help us lose fat? Oh yes.

  7. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Yeah i am also taking Resveratrol Ultra since last year. It's very effective. In the market Resveratrol Ultra & Pure RezV Pro are the highest rated anti-aging product. It is used to boost up the energy, reduce winkles and used as a excellent shield against cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases while it reduces constipation, bloating. The measured quantity of resveratrol must vary between 50mg to 250mg each day.

    I personally suggest to people who wants to see the Resveratrol Benefits you must gather proper information and consult to your doctor for better results.

  8. Natural Resveratrol As Anti Aging and Diet Supplement For Your Health Resveratrol or also well-known as Trans Resvertrol is a compound of phytoalexin. Resveratrol has also been produced by chemical synthesis and is sold as a nutritional supplement derived primarily from Japanese knotweed. resveratrol

  9. Anonymous5:18 AM

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  10. Resveratrol helps with anti-aging, but it could be also used as one of the supplements for weight loss.

  11. I heard a lot about this supplement. Is it really effective? I'll probably try it.


  12. I didn't knew that Resveratrol can help with anti aging. I've been using tons of anti aging cream.

    dermal fillers

  13. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I’ve already tried loads of anti aging cream. Unfortunately none of them worked for me. I do wonder if are there any organic skin products you can suggest?