Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Editor's choice at the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science

Back in the dark ages I had an article in a special issue of Behavioral and Brain Science (in an issue devoted to publishing the papers given at a meeting on vision - "Controversies in Neuroscience III: Signal Transduction in the Retina and Brain"). They put me on the mailing list of reviewers, which is how I can occasionally pass on interesting papers that are appearing in the journal.   A recent email offered a list of articles what the editors found most interesting.  I've enjoyed reading several of them.   Here is that list, with links:

Consciousness, accessibility, and the mesh between psychology and neuroscience -  Ned Block

The myth of language universals: Language diversity and its importance for cognitive science -  Nicholas Evans and Stephen C. Levinson

Understanding and sharing intentions: The origins of cultural cognition (a PDF download) - Michael Tomasello, Malinda Carpenter, Josep Call, Tanya Behne, and Henrike Moll

Consciousness without a cerebral cortex: A challenge for neuroscience and medicine Bjorn Merker

Resolving the paradox of common, harmful, heritable mental disorders: Which evolutionary genetic models work best?  - Matthew C. Keller and Geoffrey Miller

Précis of the book: "Principles of Brain Evolution" - Georg F. Striedter

Cruelty's rewards: The gratification of perpetrators and spectators  - Victor Nell

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