Thursday, December 04, 2008

Resveratrol promotes repair of DNA breaks that occur on aging

Nicholas Wade reports on work of Sinclair and collaborators (reported in Cell) that sirtulin, an enzyme activated by the red wine compound resveratrol, promotes the repair of breaks in DNA that occur on aging. (Ten previous MindBlog posts on resveratrol can be retrieved by entering "resveratrol" in the search box in the left column.) Resveratrol has many different effects, only some of which are exerted through sirtuin. While some people have been taking resveratrol with no apparent side effects, Mindblog's self-experiment found it causing arthritic symptoms, and that experience was reported by several who commented on that post.


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  2. I think that your advocacy of resveratrol-like compounds should always include a warning about possible negative side effects of the sort I have mentioned in previous blog postings.