Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lucid Dreaming makes the Styles section...

My, my, my..... how rapidly esoteric mind things become trendy. The lead article of the Sunday Styles section of the Sept 16 NY Times featured lucid dreaming. I've been to several consciousness meeting in which whole sessions were devoted to this capability. Actually it is not that esoteric...you probably have had experiences of being aware you were dreaming, of watching the action as a observer. The capability can be trained, and one can sometimes direct the action (even to the extent of indulging in some sexual fantasies that may not exactly be playing out in real life). I have played with this capability in my own dreaming, and find it to be much easier and cheaper than getting into computer facilitated alternative realities such as Second Life (I tried that too, felt like a dunce, and can't imagine how anyone finds the time.....).

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