Thursday, April 05, 2007

Most popular consciousness papers for March

Again I pass on the list of articles downloaded most frequently from the ASSC Eprints Archive

The "five most popular papers" are:

1. Windt, Jennifer Michelle and Metzinger, Thomas (2006) *The philosophy of
dreaming and self-consciousness: What happens to the experiential subject
during the dream state?* In: The new science of dreaming. Praeger
Imprint/Greenwood Publishers, Estport, CT. With 1488 downloads from 23
countries. See:

2. Sagiv, Noam and Ward, Jamie (2006) *Crossmodal interactions: lessons from
synesthesia.* In: Visual Perception, Part 2 - Fundamentals of Awareness:
Multi-Sensory Integration and High-Order Perception. Progress in Brain
Research, Volume 155. Elsevier, pp. 259-271. ISBN 0444519270. With 1034
downloads from 17 countries. See:

3. Carruthers, Peter (2007) *The illusion of conscious will.* In: Synthese,
96. With 879 downloads from 19 countries. See: http://eprints . assc

4. Robbins, Stephen E (2006) *Bergson and the holographic theory of
mind.* Phenomenology
and the Cognitive Sciences, 5. pp. 365-394. With 760 downloads from 16
countries. See:

5. Chai-Youn, Kim and Blake, Randolph (2005) *Psychophysical magic:
rendering the visible 'invisible'.* Trends in Cognitive Science, 9 (8).
pp. 381-8. With 729 downloads from 15 countries. See:


  1. In regards to Windt and Metzinger's paper on the self model in dreams they state that it almost impossible to have an "a-lucid and c-lucid" dream. Well I can prove them wrong. I had a lucid dream where I decided why not meditate. As I meditated my self model dissolved and I became various people from all over the world. I embodied all sorts of people engaged in menial tasks like washing the dishes or talking to a relative. It was a brief glimpse into enlightenment.

  2. In regards to Windts and Metzinger's paper on self model in dreams they state that it is almost impossible to have an a and c-lucid dream at once. I have had this experience where I became aware that I was dreaming and decided to sit down and meditate. In an instant I became various people from all over the world performing menial tasks such as washing the dishes or talking to someone on the phone. It was an enlightening omniscient experience. The self model had dissolved and the "I" had become the interconnected many.