Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday morning Schubert

On Sunday Feb. 19 I gave a recital dedicated to the memory of David Goldberger, who I had performed with in several four hands recitals several years ago. He gave a recital on his 90th birthday in the summer of 2015, after his diagnosis with stomach cancer, and died in May of 2016. Franz Schubert was his passion, and his magnum opus on the life and music of Schubert was left unfinished at his death. Here is one of the pieces I played at his memorial recital.


  1. Like that. A bit of a Schubert fan too.

    The sound quality could be improved but I did a little research and found recording piano well is hard.

    1. Thanks very much for the references, I'll pour over it. I'm not happy with the sound I'm getting from the Steinway B in its new Florida condo setting, room acoustics not as good as the in Wisconsin living room where most of the recording on this channel were made.