Monday, February 06, 2017

MindBlog’s 11th anniversary…some statistics.

Today is MindBlog’s 11 anniversary. I let the 10th anniversary pass without noticing, so I want to briefly comment this year. Google analytics tells me that there have been about four million views of the 4,115 posts that have appeared thus far. After I have weeded out the 4-5 comments submitted each week whose purpose is to insert a link to a commercial site, authentic comments on the posts are few and far between. I also receive 1-2 emails each week from sites wanting to contribute a post and get a crosslink to their site. My cut and paste response is: “I must decline your kind offer. MindBlog is my own idiosyncratic hobby, and I only post content that I initiate.  I have no interest in revenue.”

The blog passes on material that I would be reading even if I were not doing the blogging gig, and it would seem a shame not to share what I find interesting. While I do write occasional posts that are entirely of my composition, most of the posting is better described as ‘curated content.’ I keep a queue of 5-10 completed posts that are post dated for automatic 3 a.m. daily posting by the Blogger platform. My actual writing occurs in bursts. (It is not happening this week, while my husband and I are on a Caribbean cruise!)

Each day MindBlog receives about 1,500 page views. A typical post, on its first day, will gather 300-600 views, rising to ~1,000 views after two weeks. MindBlog’s RSS feed has ~750 followers, and the automatic reposts to twitter have ~1450 followers. I haven’t monitored the response to reposts on Facebook and Google+.

I’m grateful that this many people seem to find the material interesting. The occasional emails from readers who express gratitude for my efforts motivate me to continue.


  1. I love your stuff, sometimes use your references for posts on my own.
    Deans' Stroke Musings. I also do mine as a hobby.

  2. Congratulations on longevity and thanks for your efforts to provide a point of contact to so much interesting stuff. It's unusual to see a blog running this long. I hope the curation of interesting and illuminating information provides an memory and integration benefit for you too. I guess it should.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments!

  4. thank you for the opportunity to state how important your blog is to me. It is rational, properly skeptical and just plain fascinating. It is part of my regular life.

  5. Always fascinating reading! An appreciative reader hoping for many more little gems, be they articles or piano pieces.

  6. Your blog is honestly one of my favorites out there when it comes to neuroscience / philosophy of mind. Each post is almost guaranteed to pick my interest. I like the formula, we seem to have a very similar focus. So please continue!
    And one more thing - I myself am usually reading your blog via RSS reader (The Old Reader) and rarely visit it directly, I'm sure many others to that as well - so your analytics might not show the full picture.

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  7. Aleksander, Thanks for your comments!

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