Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The visual impact of gossip

Here is an interesting bit from Anderson et al. Apparently hearing negative gossip about someone apparently activates top down brain filtering mechanisms that make it more likely that we will notice their face among conflicting stimuli:
Gossip is a form of affective information about who is friend and who is foe. We show that gossip does not influence only how a face is evaluated—it affects whether a face is seen in the first place. In two experiments, neutral faces were paired with negative, positive, or neutral gossip and were then presented alone in a binocular rivalry paradigm (faces were presented to one eye, houses to the other). In both studies, faces previously paired with negative (but not positive or neutral) gossip dominated longer in visual consciousness. These findings demonstrate that gossip, as a potent form of social affective learning, can influence vision in a completely top-down manner, independent of the basic structural features of a face.

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