Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More on slowing down aging.

Some recent articles:

Gretchen Reynolds points to work showing that vigorous aerobic exercise causes an increase in the length of telomeres, pieces of DNA at the end of chromosomes that protect DNA from damage during cell division. Telomere length is a measure of a cell's functional age They normally shorten with aging, and when they no longer protect our DNA, the cell becomes fragile and dies. Werner et al. show that aerobic exercise causes in increase in telomere length, and also the activity of the telomerase enzyme that makes them.

Sahu et al. find that α-Klotho, a protein that suppresses aging in several tissues, can enhance the regeneration of muscle fiber and function.

Finally, a brief engaging article by Dara Horn describes the efforts of aging silicon valley billionaires to extend their lifespan by funding a variety of longevity laboratories.

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