Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MindBlog's other lives - a piano concert

I thought I would share with MindBlog readers this video made at my piano recital last Sunday in Fort Lauderdale by Rex Coston, an amazing 90+ year old guy, who is totally on top of the web photo and video scene.

A further video clip Rex did is here.


  1. amazing - hope i can do as well at that age

    piano's not bad either :-)


  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    The two clips work well as teasers... but has the entire concert been recorded?

  3. No, this recital was not recorded, and Rex pulled the musics clips from the web. But, here are URLS for earlier recordings of some of the pieces I played.
    Debussy Nocturne -
    Poulenc Improvisation VII
    Grieg Lyric Suites
    Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet

  4. Nice! But what is that lovely music played during the clip?

  5. The first piece in the clip is Poulenc's Improvisation XIII, here is my youtube performance:

    The second clip is from Grieg's Lyrics Suites, March of the Dwarfs I played this in the concert but don't a recording of my playing, youtube has many samples of the piece.