Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another study on exercise keeping us young - and other fitness trends

Because there are currently no generally agreed on markers of human ageing, Pollock et al. (see review by Reynolds) decided to examine the relationship between age and physiological function by removing inactivity as a factor. They recruited and performed physiological and psychological profiling on a cohort of 55-79 year old very active cyclists. As a group, even the oldest cyclists had younger people’s levels of balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory ability. Despite studying a large number and diverse range of indices, the authors were not able to identify a physiological marker that could be used to reliably predict the age of a given individual.

Other items from my queue of potential posts:

Reynolds does a review of recent fitness trends such as the super short workout with high intensity bursts, and Brody adds further information on high intensity interval training as an antidote to several chronic ilnesses.

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