Friday, September 25, 2009

Mindblog backlog...

Here is my second offering of links to a few bits of work that I find interesting, but that are so far down my list of potential blog postings that they are unlikely to make it into a regular post, and might be of interest to some MindBlog readers.

Cognitive fitness of cost-efficient brain functional networks
Superior task performance was positively correlated with global cost efficiency of the β-band network (15-30 Hz) and specifically with cost efficiency of nodes in left lateral parietal and frontal areas. These results are consistent with biophysical models highlighting the importance of β-band oscillations for long-distance functional connections in brain networks and with pathophysiological models of schizophrenia as a dysconnection syndrome. More generally, they echo the saying that “less is more”: The information processing performance of a network can be enhanced by a sparse or low-cost configuration with disproportionately high efficiency.
Do we really need vision? How blind people "see" the actions of others.
Our mirror neuron system develops in the absence of sight.
A 35,000 year old flute.
Fragments of ancient flutes reveal that music was well established in Europe by about 40,000 years ago.
Keeping in Touch with One's Self: Multisensory Mechanisms of Self-Consciousness
More from the laboratory that brought you the full body illusion.
Two related papers:
Neural Substrates of Mounting Temporal Expectation

Ready…Go: Amplitude of the fMRI Signal Encodes Expectation of Cue Arrival Time

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