Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fleeing from Facebook

Virginia Heffernan writes an interesting piece on the small but noticeable group who are fleeing from Facebook — some of them ostentatiously. Many apparently feel a sense of creeping disillusionment, and that Facebook is stalking them.
Is Facebook doomed to someday become an online ghost town, run by zombie users who never update their pages and packs of marketers picking at the corpses of social circles they once hoped to exploit? Sad, if so. Though maybe fated, like the demise of a college clique.

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  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Nice article you linked.
    I'm so happy that I never joined Facebook (nor I will)...

    People who I want to contact me have my phone number or my email address.

    I don't really need Facebook to know what my primary school best buddy is doing (I actually do know that, because we're *real* friends and we still see each other from time to time. In the real world).