Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More diversity in Flow-land.

I will pass on part of an email from Mr. Todd Denen occasioned by my 8/16/19 post, in which he assures me, that unlike the Flow Genome Project and Flow Collective Research Project discussed in that post, his Flow Research University is legit:
“ My name is Todd Denen and I just came across your post on the FGP guys. I just wanted to say not all Flow training programs are bullshit.....
I'm the founder of the Advanced Flow University which teaches the Flow state from the perspective of the Yogi Flow Experts.
In my book, PEAK PERFORMANCE SECRETS, I reveal the Advanced Flow Techniques which have been used by the Yogi Flow Experts for over 5,000 years. This has allowed them to achieve the highest level of Consciousness, the 7th Level of Flow.
If you are interested, I'm doing a promotion on it right now and you can get it for free on Amazon….."
Here is a screen shot showing only three of the numerous free books by Mr. Denen available from Amazon's Kindle offerings.

I couldn't resist downloading and having a look at "Peak Performance Secrets" and "FLOW STATE SEX TEST" (Advanced Flow University Book 3).

Unbelievable stuff.   Kudos to Amazon for its carefully vetted high quality Kindle offerings!

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  1. Deric, thanks for the post and a good laugh. Yes, the "Flow State Sex Test" book is meant to be a humorous look at measuring FLOW so maybe that's why it passed the strict guidelines at Amazon.... Cheers, Todd