Monday, March 14, 2016

Brain games and driving safely.

I've done a number of posts on brain games (cf. here, here, and here) and their critics. When I overcome my lassitude and occasionally return to dink with one of the BrainHQ games, I am struck by at least temporary improvements in the cognitive activity being refined, particularly with the vision exercises dealing with useful field of view, contrast sensitivity, etc. The exercise called Double Decision seems to me especially effective. I notice an effect on my driving after playing it. I thought I would pass on this BrainHQ web page on research on BrainHQ exercises. Their claim is that the studies have shown that after training, drivers on average:

-Make 38% fewer dangerous driving maneuvers
-Can stop 22 feet sooner when driving 55 miles per hour
-Feel more confident driving in difficult conditions (such as at night, in bad weather, or in new places)
-Cut their at-fault crash risk by 48%
-Keep their license later in life

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