Friday, March 22, 2013

A Cornucopia of Mind Blog sites.

Scientific American has announced that its daughter magazine Scientific American Mind has set up a Blogs site that lists a number of psychology, neuroscience, etc. blogs dealing with the Mind. Just starting to sample from the blogs listed is an overwhelming experience. Keeping up with blogs dealing with mind in the current blogosphere would be more than a full time job. My own list of "Other Mind Blogs" in the right hand column of this blog is several years old, and now doesn't include many excellent current efforts. I occasionally find this blog listed in "Top Psychology Blogs" on other sites.  We could all easily spend all our time "taking in each other's laundry," to become aggregators of aggregators of aggregators ad infinitum. This is why I don't look much at other Mind Blogs, but rather stick to looking through recent original research articles in the major journals. The efforts of each of us who labor away passing on some small fraction of the research world are appreciated by a sufficient number of readers to motivate us to continue.

Having said I don't look at other mind blogs,  I'll pass on this gem from "Brain Pickings" (click to enlarge and see text more clearly: "Friendship-The Silent Places-Where Speech Ends"

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  1. Interesting to see ... thank you it's well done :)