Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from vacation - A new variety of MindBlog post....reader poll.

Back from vacation...I had thought that a sudden halt in the daily habits surrounding blog production might cause some withdrawal symptoms. But no... nothing, zip. Now I face a very long accumulated list of potential post topics, which brings home the point that my ritual of doing two blog posts per day forces me to choose only a fraction of the articles that I find interesting as I scan the tables of contents of a number of journals. Among those discarded articles are many that I am sure a subset of MindBlog readers would like to be aware of, even if only given a minimal description of content along with the link to the journal. So, for the next week or two at least, I am going to experiment with sprinkling in more tiny posts, in much the same way that Andrew Sullivan's blog does. The reason for making each a separate post is that the titles then appear in the list presented by RSS readers. (On a typical weekday there are ~200-250 significant post viewings, out of ~1,150 RSS feed subscribers.)

I can think of arguments against doing this (overload, spamming), so I would be grateful for feedback on whether readers think this is a good or bad idea. How many topics/day would you find most useful?


  1. Deric,

    Thank you for your posts, I am finding them a valuable aggregation of journals I dont have access with lots of interesting data.

    I like the idea of lots of small posts, then I can further "deep dive" if something is of particular interest to me.

    I see other blogs often will post at length about certain topics then daily/weekly have a post that is just a round up of titles and links to things the author found interesting but did not specifically post about. That too is a pretty handy format.

  2. baskar8:40 AM

    I am new to this blog- and I find it fascinating. Lots of small posts will help me, because I am a 'layman', just someone curious about brain, mind and consciousness. More links would mean I get a more wide base of material. I would be greatful if you provide such links with summary, pointing out what is important in that article, and what is your position on that. It will provide some guidance to ordinary people like me.




  3. Phlegm2:56 PM

    Rather than lots of small posts, I would prefer a post or two that contain aggregates. To be, a blog update should be momentous; I often find Sullivant's one-line updates quite annoying.

  4. Well, I was going to say I don't rss mindblog but I just added you!

    Single item posts are more orderly but it's nice to combine, juxtapose and speculate on multiple sources, so don't cramp your style.

    Neutral, I guess.