Wednesday, May 03, 2023

MindBlog points to books on regulating attention and healthy longevity.

I want to follow up on my post on Nestor’s book on breathing by pointing MindBlog readers to two other ‘self help’ books I have read through recently and found to be both engaging and annoying: Johann Hari’s “Stolen Focus” and Peter Attia’s “Outlive.” They are both worth selectively reading through. Like Nestor’s book, they radiate the energy characteristic of male overachievers close to age 50 who have reached a professional peak in their advocacy of causes they have focused on: regulating attention and living for longevity. I got a bit impatient with how much of their personal stories I had to wade through to get to interesting facts and information presented. I guess that was meant to make the text more reader friendly, but left me feeling less friendly towards the authors.I also found it instructive to have a look at the different Wikipedia pages for Nestor, Hari, and Attia.

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