Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Upstairs/Downstairs in our Brain – What’s running our show?

Although I mentioned this in Tuesday's post, I wanted to more explicitly point MindBlog readers to this web version of a talk I gave at the Sept. 9, 2014, session of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chaos and Complexity Seminar Series. The link is also now in the left column of this page under "MindBlog Web Lectures." Here is a description of the talk:
This talk starts with a brief brain 101 elementary anatomy review, and then offers a  cherry picking review of recent trends in brain systems research that correlate what is going on in our brains with our behaviors. We want to know what normally makes us tick, what distortions might underlie addictive, impulsive, aggressive, stressed, depressed, or anxious behaviors, and what therapies might counter these distortions.  I will focus on structure-activity-behavior correlations in three brain state distinctions that are currently being emphasized:  Upstairs/downstairs and attentional/default mode systems that are a spontaneous part of our normal behavioral repertoire, and the cognitive therapy or mediation systems whose training, development, and expression can alter them.

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  1. Wonderful ! You are such a source of inspiration for me. I'm trying to do the same in French, and to give free access to the presentations on the web (see page ). Thanks again for the synthesis and always inspiring comments.