Friday, February 25, 2011

A potpuorri of almost-posts

As I scan journals' tables of contents and abstracts of articles looking for potential MindBlog posts, I accumulate a list of post candidates. Most never make it into a post, yet are very interesting chunks. My list now is 30 pages long, and I though I would begin to dispel that list by selecting a few to pass as a list of links, hoping that a few readers might find an item useful to them.

Writing about testing worries boosts exam performance.

Memory formation without the hippocampus.

Temporary suppression of fear memories during adolescence.

Solving the cocktail party problem.

Your Brain on be creative, you have to have this weird dissociation in your frontal lobe. One area turns on, and a big area shuts off, so that you're not inhibited, so that you're willing to make mistakes, so that you're not constantly shutting down all of these new generative impulses.

Control your spotlight.

Retracted Autism Study.

Past adversity strengthens.


Your brain on technology.

Krugman - The New Voodo.

Oliver Sachs - Change your brain.


  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    What's a popurri? Is it an Indian dish? Perhaps you meant "potpourri".

  2. I'm amazed that I or somebody else didn't catch this typo sooner. Thanks.