Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brain Stressed Out? Try this machine.......

In today's mail, a catalog from "The Spiritual Tech" team at Sounds True company in Boulder Co. Any widget you might want to give your brain a tune-up is offered: MINDSPA (Light and Sound Therapy for Brain Enhancement, $200); THE STRESS ERASER (Feel Calm and Relaxed in Minutes Anytime, Anywhere, $300); THE RELAXMATE II (Photo-stimulation therapy for stress relief, $150); THE JOURNEY TO WILD DIVINE AND WISDOM QUEST (a spiritual quest computer game with biofeedback technology, $210...I have to admit I enjoyed playing with this product when it came out). All this in addition to a number of boxed CD sets offering auditory enlightenment.

Even though I'm sympathetic techniques for calming and clearing the old brain (I use some myself), I can't help but crack up and have an immediate "WACKO" reaction to such a glossy slick catalog. So if I buy all of them I'm home free?!

And you thought you had problems....

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