Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The mysteries of blog-land, Feedburner and Linkie Winkie

Having just put a feed for feed readers on this blog, I find myself totally out of my depth and would be most grateful if a techie happens to read this post and could enlighten me on what is going on. One of the icons at the lower right hand of this blog page directs you to FeedBurner, which offer to put the feed from this site onto MyYahoo, MyAol, MyGoogle or whatever feedreader you might be using. The guy helping me also put RSS and other icons on the page that let you place the feed directly on those readers without going through FeedBurner. Feedburner reports back that since I connected with it 5 days ago an average of 3 sites have subscribed to this blog's feed each day. One site, the Linkie Winkie web crawler, appears to sign up each day? It has minimum content, but a few links indicate that guys involved with SEO (search engine optimization) set it up as an altruistic gesture.....

I hope someone out there might explain this to me....


  1. I just noticed linkiewinkie a few moments ago and their site brought me here. i'm confused......

  2. I'm equally in the dark....the Linkie Winkie site machine put a link to my site presumably because I mentioned and linked to them in my post.... another of the links on that site says something about viral marketing.

  3. Hell, at least they linked you back! I noticed the same thing, and posted about it, but I never got any reciprocal action. If you check my post, you'll see some earlier links from their site that seem to indicate there is some sort of SEO proof-of-concept going on here. What it means for us field-bloggers, I have no idea. Selah, as HST would say.