Monday, March 06, 2023

MindBlog as a portal to Open AI's ChatGPT? A few stumbles on the way...

After my initial foray into playing with OpenAI's ChatGPT last December I decided to return for another chat today, and was initially blown away by the results. After the exchange shown in the following screen shot, I put a link in the right column of MindBlog (look under Dynamic Views of MindBlog) that makes it a portal to the ChatBot. After doing this I clicked on the link and discovered it is does not go to OpenAI but to a site that wants to sell that domain name for 20K! So I changed the URL to actually go to Open AI.  The second screen shot below shows ChatGPT's reponse to being asked to make up a story about Deric Bownds at the University of Wisconsin.

And here is a fairly detailed and plausible story describing my (nonexistent) breakthrough discovery about memory (I worked on vision)  after enrolling at the University of Wisconsin (I went to Harvard). To be fair, I did ask it to 'make up' a story. :

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