Friday, February 24, 2023

MindBlog picks some of its favorite posts on defining what a self is…

The following links are from a recent scan of what pops up if I click on items in ‘Selected MindBlog Categories’ in the right column of this page - to remind myself of some of the results of my personal reflections on the topics indicated. The chronological list starts with the most recent posts.

Enlightenment, Habituation, and Renewal - Or, Mindfulness as the opiate of the thinking classes?

The non-duality industry as a panacea for the anxieties of our times? 

I am not my problem

Self, purpose, and tribal mentality as Darwinian adaptations (or…Why why aren’t we all enlightened?) 

MindBlog passes on a note: on the relief of not being yourself.

Some rambling on "Selves" and “Purpose"

Why don’t we do what we know works better?

An "Apostle's Creed" for the humanistic scientific materialist?

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