Wednesday, February 17, 2021

MindBlog Outage

Greetings from Austin Texas, where I live. Winter storm Texas can't handle. Third day of massive power outage, looks like at least one more day to go. One working burner on kitchen gas stove keeping interior at about 50 degrees. No posts until power restored. Roads are solid ice this morning. No further posts until power returns.


  1. Deric, I have been thinking of you, when reading about the desaster in Texas. Wish you that better times come soon.

  2. Thanks for your note! Power went out at 3 a.m. Monday morning, came back on 7 p.m. last night, Now low or no water pressure, have large pots of boiled water on the stove (City wide boil water order due to failure of main water plant). Following the city’s instruction to not drip faucets because of the water shortage, we find this morning that the demand heater on side of house has frozen, sprung a leak, and water is pouring on the ground. After finding the main water shut off at the curb frozen, I finally figured out how to turn off the inlet valve to the demand heater to shut off the flow. Now that electricity, heat, and internet is restored, I'm settling back into my professor-is-in morning ritual. Not sure how soon I will have it together to resume posting.

  3. Please feel my empathy. Glad to hear that you seem to have found some ground. I hope you get back to normal soon. Else, maybe a trip to Mexico might help :).
    And be asured that the latter mentioned aspect feels to be as sickening as the weather condition.