Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogalogues (and mud wrestling) on religion...

Here is the latest in the civilized exchange (a dialogue is now a blogaloue) between Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan . The whole series can be seen here on BeliefNet. I continue to find Harris' comments clear and stimulating, and Sullivan's tortuous evasions increasingly mind-numbing.

And here is a parallel battle on the internet, with two very different groups arguing over the existence of God. Check out and Or, if you wish to be up on the latest on Jesus Christ coming soon check out

Finally, if your appetite for wacko irrationality is not sated by these links you can follow Oprah's advice and learn "The Secret," (self-help book and DVD by Rhoda Byrne) based on the "Law of Attraction" a re-hash of Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 "Power of Positive Thinking" in new-age pseudo-scientific form. If we all think positivitely the larger field of energy which surrounds us will sum this to cure all the world's ills!

(Some of the above is pulled from several sources in the 2/17/2006 New York Times)

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