Monday, August 17, 2009

Mindblog is back...

Still jet-lagged, I'll be taking some time to cobble myself back together again. Here are a few vacation photos of Deric in London, and Len and Deric in Hagley (Hagley is a far western surburb of Birmingham where we used a colleague's house as a base to explore some spots in the Cotswolds). If I ever needed more personal objective data on the decay of one's brain plasticity on aging, I sure got it when I started to drive on the left after a 14 year absence from the UK! What I recalled as being rather fun and effortless (negotiating complex roundabouts, etc.) now went with much more energy, concentration, focus, and stress. This, I presume, reflects the difference between the 67 year old and the 53 year old versions of Deric's brain.


  1. At least you can still write!

  2. .. Good to have you back.