Friday, November 10, 2023

Personalized chatbots and wearable AI devices for melding AI with our everyday lives

Personalized GPTs are here, but apparently not yet at the level of consumers like myself who don't want to do coding. I've been looking into making my own personal chatbot whose training data is 50 MB of my personal journal of about 20,000 pages. I would then like to query and chat with the resulting chatbot about events in my life since 1980. If anyone reading this has some advice, let me know!

Below are some URLs to my morning's reading:

These links are to articles from Kevin Roose, NYTimes tech columnist:  

Personalized A.I. Agents Are Here. Is the World Ready for Them?

Kevin Roose Hard Fork podcast (transcript available) on this and other AI topics 

And this article is on AI devices seeking to cut into smartphone dominance 

It points to two such devices: The Humane Ai Pin and The Rewind AI Pendant 

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