Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MindBlog summer vacation schedule

I've decided to chill for a bit, relax from the daily postings, take a summer break. (Maybe this is influenced by the amazing heat wave and drought we are experiencing in the midwest. It saps energy and motivation.) So, if the spirit moves me to putter with a posting, I'll do it. If not, that's also OK...


  1. Deric: I have long had trouble accessing your site. It takes about 90-120 seconds to load...sometimes more (and I have a 35/25 mbps connection). I wonder if you might have a greater readership if this load-time was reduced. Perhaps eliminating some sidebar widgets would improve that.

    I only mention this feedback because I enjoy your blog, but I struggle to be patient with it, so I have been reading it less and less.

    I wish you all the best! Enjoy vacation!

  2. Nick, I have had this mystifying speed complaint once before, and it turned out to be browser and computer specific, I've tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera browsers on several different Apple computers, and download of blog is quite rapid. I can't speak for Microsoft Explorer because it doesn't run on Apple, but friends using it on PCs haven't reported the issue.

  3. I just decided to check again.... Chrome and Firefox are quite rapid, but the Apple Safari browser is as slow as molasses on downloading MindBlog.

  4. My access (through Chrome) is fast. On my Iphone (using safari) I read the mobile version which is fast too