Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Colored brains carpet bomb the web.

I got very excited by two articles in the current issue of science, was about to do a long writeup,  and then realized such an effort would be incredibly redundant, because descriptions of the work were sprouting like mushrooms all over the blogosphere.   It reminds me of driving through small Texas towns with my grandmother when I was very young, and on asking "what do the people do here?" Her response: "They take in each other's laundry."

Anyway, Chen et al. do an analysis of the genetic topography of the cortex, and Wedeen et al. show fiber pathways in the brain. The studies find unifying hierarchical and geometric rules behind the organizational details that demonstrate overlapping grid structures. Here are just a few of the reviews, from Science, from Discover Magazine, from Time, from Medical News Today.

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