Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Our economic history

I want to point you to this article by Robert Reich in the Sunday New York Times, which is one the best description of our current economic mess that I have seen. Here is just a fragment of a great graphic summary the article provides (click to enlarge):


  1. Heribert B├╝rger9:28 AM

    It was in the 80s that business was invaded by cheap brainforce, the PC
    I do not know how many percecent of the growing productivity are/were due to the always more extensive use of PC-power: a lot I suppose.
    It is only normal than, that as traditional labourforce is less likely to be linked to raising productivity, it will not be considered to be worthwhile participating.

    Politicly in my opinion it is not wise anylonger making such a link between wages and productivity. We should instead see how social behaviour / acting / can be linked to (not wages, but ..) personal income.

    Last but not least to prevent "British Conditions" or "Banlieu Conditions".

  2. A big difference between prosperity and regression is clear for everyone. These two kind of thought was experience by humanity through time.