Friday, February 19, 2010

Some friday morning Mozart

Working with retired professional pianist David Goldberger, I'm preparing for a 4-hands recital on Sunday, March 7 in Fort Lauderdale. I decided to make a few rehearsal recordings, to be eventually replaced by a final version. The video below is of a palatable, but we think much less than optimal, run through of the Allegro (first movement) of Mozart's Piano Sonata for 4-hands, K. 358. We will also be doing the Schubert Fantasy for 4-hands.


  1. Nice! It's a pity we don't all have four hands. Listening to that piece, it seems Mozart could have easily written all his sonatas to be played by four-handed humans.

    I've been listening to Mozart's piano sonatas regularly lately after being somewhat sceptical of him for most of my life. My father - probably an average pianist, but one who inspired me with a great love of music - played a lot of them so many are in my head from childhood and teenage years. My father died about a year ago and an unanticipated benefit was reacquainting with the piano sonatas when selecting a memorial music program.

    If it's possible to produce some reasonable quality mp3s of your concert I'd love to download them. It's good to see the performances but having the sound files on my player would give me a lot more ongoing enjoyment.

  2. Jim, if you will just email me. I will be happy to send you mp3 files of the final performance versions of the mozart and schubert.