Wednesday, January 13, 2010

High-Tech Sex... and gestural interactions with electronics

Would RealTouch have saved Elliot Spitzer or Tiger Woods? I doubt it. An article on the Adult Entertainment Expo that follows the Consumer Electronics Show discusses several new approaches to mechanically providing our titillation. I was particularly struck by the RealTouch site, which has a promotional video, as well as the YouTube clip below. I wonder if their library of on demand movies that synch with the device includes any gay porn? Again, I doubt it......By the way, some fascinating new technology for interacting with television and computers using body gestures was noted at the Consumer Electronic Show).


  1. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I wonder what Marnia Robinson of the blog "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" (Psychology Today) would say about this device. For the last months, Ms. Robinson's focus has been the potentially debilitating effect of pornography because it, so to speak, re-wires the brain's reward circuitry. With devices like these (which are only the beginning of a flood of ever-more sophisticated methods "providing our ditillation", as Deric puts it nicely) we'll probably eradicate sexually-motivated crimes at some point in the future - but some of us may descend into solipsism.

    Best regards

  2. Actually, there are tons of gay clips available - AEBN owns NakedSword and Raging Stallion Studios, 2 of the biggest players in the industry. Roman Heart just got one and can't stop talking about it :)

  3. Brandon4:59 PM

    Isn't the conventional wisdom that many sex crimes are about power? If this is true, then I doubt we would see a drop in sexually-motivated crimes.

    I agree with Suzann. Since the porn industry must operate out of direct sight, they generally have no qualms about serving the needs of all customers. Of the few sex product companies I have seen, they all seem to maintain product lines for everyone. They just may sell them under different names.